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Game design and publishing company
that the industry needed 
Why we do it

We love tabletop games and experiences they create. This love drove us to take a risk and start creating them ourselves – the way we like them – simple, engaging and beautiful. We hope you'll love them as much as we believe in them being special. 

We promise
All about interactions

The games we design will be new and authentic, never a knock-off. Everything will be done out of pure passion – from the idea to the packaging design. 
We will deliver quality and a fresh burst of wind to the world of games. 

The main goal of our games is to spark genuine interactions between players. We make the time spent with friends our priority. Everything is designed to be effortlessly fun: simple but unique playing mechanics, easy to understand rules in how-to-play videos, classy graphics. There is nothing more than the essentials. Life can be complicated, so games shouldn’t be. 

The two of us

We are a duo of product and graphic design professionals from Lithuania.

Searching for good design decisions to make life better is in our essence. Creating games is a true bliss for us, because we get to design the whole experience players will have. We hope you'll feel the love, good wishes and hard work we put into our games.

General Manager, Graphic designer

I’m the one who puts order to this chaotic process of creating games. Managing time, developing guidelines, communicating, executing technical details and refining every detail, from idea to a finished product, are the things I love doing the most!

Creative director, Game designer

My head is flooded with creative ideas, so many, that some of them get lost while I am grabbing for a pencil. Being observant and passionate, I always seek for a way to make the world a happier place. One game at a time.

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